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Appeals Council Decisions 2009-2015

Published by David Paletta

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits is denied by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), you can appeal the denial to the Appeals Council.  This appeal is handled by your attorney and you do not appear before the Appeals Council.

The Appeals Council will take one of four (4) actions:

1.  Deny the appeal.
2.  Dismiss the appeal.
3.  Grant the appeal and award benefits.
4.  Grant the appeal and remand the case.

When the Appeals Council grants the appeal, it normally does NOT award benefits.  Instead, the Appeals Council sends the case back to the ALJ for another hearing.  This is called a "remand".

Click on this link to access the data on the Appeals Council decisions from 2009 to 2015.  Table of Data

Reasons for Appeals Council Remands.  Click on this link to access an article by attorney Howard Olinsky, the Managing Partner of the Olinsky Law Group.