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The view from my window

Published by David Paletta

Several years ago I sold my office building and began working from home.  I converted a small bedroom into a very cozy office.  My desk abuts a window that looks out to what seems to be a forest of trees but is merely my front yard.  Through the trees I can see my neighbor's house across the street.

I do not know my neighbors.  They are a couple from India.  We occasionally meet at our mailboxes and exchange "hellos", but nothing more.  They are quiet folks who keep to themselves.  I respect their desire for privacy.  We are the same age - early 60s.

Recently my neighbor (the woman) walked over to my house.  She explained her husband had terminal cancer and they needed a health care power of attorney.  She asked if I could be a witness since he was unable to leave the house.  I had no idea what was happening across the street.

Since then I have watched cars coming and going from their house during the day.  I assume they are health care and hospice workers.  An interesting phenomena is that almost all of the visitors are women.

Yesterday the cars were different.  I recognized members of the extended family.  No health care and hospice workers.

. . .

For several years I have been thinking of volunteering with hospice.  Perhaps it is time.