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One lucky guy.

Published by David Paletta

I usually think of myself as a smart guy.  Hey, I went to Duke.  But sometimes I do something so stupid that it is probably time I developed a more accurate self assessment.

This week I did something REALLY stupid.  I was working at one of my rental units setting up connections for a dryer.  I wanted to confirm the electric cord I had for the dryer fit into the 220 outlet so I simply plugged the cord into the outlet.  

The other end of the 220 electric cord was not plugged into anything.  As soon as I plugged the cord in there was a loud POP and a burning smell.  

I immediately unplugged the cord.  Then I looked at the other end which lay a few inches from my foot.  Metal at the end of the cord that connects to the dryer (which had not been delivered) had burned the floor.  

Then I put 2 and 2 together.  If my foot was a few inches over, touching the metal end of the electric cord, 220 volts of electricity would have shot through my body.  Wow.  220 volts would have probably stopped my heart, and my days on this planet would have been over.
. . .

How could I be so stupid?  That is not a difficult question - doing something stupid has always been easy for me.

A more difficult question I ask myself is - why am I so lucky?   Why do so many good things keep happening to me in a world so full of tragedy and suffering?  I have been asking myself this question for 40 years.

I have searched for an answer in books on religion, in books on philosophy, in personal growth work shops, in meditation and prayer.  

My atheist friends will not agree with the answer I have come up with.  I believe in angels, and one of them watches out for me.

So "Thank You" kind angel, for giving me a few more days on this planet.  I will do my best to make those days worthwhile.