A central goal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to significantly reduce the number of uninsured in America. ACA expanded Medicaid coverage for most low-income adults to 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

In June 2012 the US Supreme Court struck down the Medicaid expansion provision. All 5 Republican Justices ruled the Medicaid expansion provision was unconstitutional. All 4 Democrat Justices believe this provision is constitutional.

29 States have adopted Medicaid expansion. 3 States are considering adoption. NC is one of the 18 States that voted against adopting Medicaid expansion. The majority of the NC Legislature are Republicans.

I have represented more than 100 disabled individuals who have severe health problems but have no health insurance. Without health insurance these individuals do not receive vital medical care and treatment. All of these individuals are or were eligible for Medicaid if it was expanded to 138% of FPL.

Access to health care should not be a partisan issue. Regardless of party affiliation, EVERY disabled client wants access to health care. Yet, the undeniable reality today is that this issue is highly partisan. The Democratic Party supports increased access to health care. The Republican Party opposes increased access to health care.

I have started asking my disabled clients who are trying to get Medicaid who they voted for in the last election. The majority either did not vote or voted Republican.