As one of the billions of human beings on this planet, I believe all people are created equal, including woman, Hispanics and Muslims. As an attorney, I believe the Bill of Rights is perhaps the greatest legal document ever written.

Hence, I am stunned that tens of millions of Americans, including many of my friends, voted for a man who has made such terrible statements about woman and immigrants. We are all children of immigrants.

As I struggle to comprehend this election, I find some comfort in history.

  • In the 1690s, women in New England were burned at the stake or hanged for being “witches”. Trump will not restore the burning of women.
  • For a majority of our history women did not have the right to vote. Trump will not take away the voting rights of woman.
  • Throughout the 1800s and part of the 1900s, thousands of African Americans were murdered by lynching. Trump will not bring back lynchings.
  • Trump is not the worst candidate for President. Aaron Burr was. Burr almost became President instead of Thomas Jefferson but for one electoral vote. Burr would have destroyed our fledgling democracy.
  • I cannot say Trump is worse than Richard Nixon who in 1972 was elected by majorities in 49 States. Nixon was a criminal who engaged in illegal activity to subvert our democracy.

So from a historical point of view, perhaps this election is nothing more than – the other team won?