Social Security Disability Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Thank you, is simply not enough. I struggled with my case for years and was unsuccessful. I have fibromyalgia and numerous other issues and I was beginning to think I would never win my case. Mr. Paletta was honest and upfront about everything from the very beginning.   He is not only an outstanding attorney but a very compassionate person.
If you are seeking a disability attorney look no further! I highly recommend Mr. Paletta. He is very thorough and knows his job well. Thank you, again Mr. Paletta for helping me with my case and for helping me regain some independence.
Crystal, Jefferson, NC
Wow, just wow. Even during this pandemic, Mr. Paletta provided timely response to my partners claim. He was very professional and understanding. As an individual living with MS, my partner struggles to hold his tongue. He is very blunt and outspoken, rude even. Mr. Paletta was very patient and caring understanding of his situation. Mr. Paletta was efficient, courteous, and well informed. His compassion for humanity has given us hope of a secure future.
If you are reading this review in search of a disability lawyer, look no further. Mr. Paletta doesn’t just do his job well, his concern for his clients far surpasses just doing a job. Not only will he fight for you, he will make sure you are well informed every step of the way. Feel free to give him a call. He will be more than happy to discuss your case. He cares, find out for yourself. Thank you again Mr. Paletta!
Denver, Boone, NC
From our first hour long phone call, Mr. Paletta has been gracious with his time, explanations, and assistance throughout our 1 year and 9 month journey towards disability.  He was upfront and honest about what we should expect throughout the process and the best ways to maximize our success.  He maintained good communication and we always knew the next step we were waiting for.  He made what felt like an overwhelming endeavor become achievable.  And most importantly, he believed in us and we felt heard and understood.  Mr. Paletta’s brief was complete and thorough, and we believe was a big part in helping us win our case.  Regardless of the outcome of our case, we knew that we would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Paletta to anyone seeking disability assistance.  In fact, we already have!

With much thanks and gratitude, Shane & Melanie

Shane, Boone, NC

David is an excellent attorney. At our initial meeting he laid out the goals of my case and worked with me to meet them. The SSDI process was long and often frustrating but David kept me informed at every step. David’s work on the case and the brief he prepared for the hearing were excellent. In fact thanks to David my case had a favorable outcome without a hearing.

Ollin, Chapel Hill, NC

David was a great help, kept me informed at every step, was clear about the information I needed to get to him and worked hard to get more information for the SSDI application. I highly recommend him.

Maggie, Chapel Hill, NC

Mr. Paletta was a person that cared about the welfare of my case. He was timely, professional, organized, and thoroughly explained everything. He made sure that I understood every detail about the case and he was always well prepared. I would recommend him and I will also contact him again if I need any further help.

Rhonda - Roxboro, NC

David Paletta has been a wonderful attorney in handling my SSI case. I would like to thank him for not only staying on top of everything but for also helping me through in understanding exactly what was happening at all times. He has been there for me every step of the way, even when I asked him to explain the same things more than once. He has been very thorough and worked hard for me until the case was won. I highly recommend Mr. Paletta as he was also highly recommended to me.

Amy - Mt. Airy, NC

I would recommend David Paletta as a disability attorney. He was thorough, patient, kept us on track and aware at each level of my claim. Extremely knowledgeable and up front on what to expect.

Tracey - West Jefferson, NC

Thank you is just simply inadequate. David Paletta was a ray of sunshine in the long, sometimes seemingly dark process of my disability case. He was professional, thorough and straight forward with the facts as well as genuinely caring.

Disability due to Fibromyalgia is not an easy case to win. David’s knowledge of the illness and the court system was tremendous. His communication with my doctors, myself and his diligent approach made the difference.

I prayerfully sought an attorney for my case and could not have been happier with David Paletta’s service. He is a rare find, you can count on him!

Thankful and blessed,

Della - Linville, NC

David Paletta was great to work with. He was helpful and professional. He always got back to me in a timely manner. I appreciate everything he did for me and my case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Nicole - Fleetwood, NC

Mr. Paletta has been helping my husband for the past six months in his disability case. He has gone the extra mile keeping me updated and has stayed in contact through surgery, an emergency room visit and hospital stay. We recently received very good news . . . my husband was awarded disability benefits. We would definitely recommend David Paletta.

Mrs. G - Raleigh, NC

I have known David Paletta for many years throughout my career in the legal field.  My career came to an unexpected end in 2015 due to mental health issues and permanent neurological damage caused by an illness in 2013.  When I realized I was no longer able to work as a result of these conditions, David was the first person I called.  From our first meeting, he was kind and understanding but also honest and truthful about the facts of my case.  During the arduous and stressful three years, two rejections & appeals, David responded to every question I emailed him promptly and scheduled conference calls when necessary.  He is quite obviously an expert in his field.  I am extremely grateful for what David has done for me and others and I truly believe that he fights the system diligently for every single client.  Thank you David.

Ginger - Boone, NC

Mr. Paletta.

I just want to say Thank You for all your hard work on my case.  You are a great attorney.  You never gave up even though it took 5 years.  You were always encouraging.  I want to let you know I appreciate everything you did.  Thank you!

Sylvester - Greensboro, NC

I want to say Mr. Paletta done a great job on my disability case. He work day and night for me. I won my disability case because this man cared about me. If anyone needs help with their disability please call David Paletta. He saved my life. Thank you so much Mr. Paletta, and God bless you sir!

Ron - Clayton, NC

Mr. Paletta was very professional and point on in the initial meeting. I knew exactly what to expect every step of the way once the case was accepted.

Mr. Paletta took care of everything and stayed in contact and updated me as needed. He does not mess around and does an excellent job. He was at my side in front of the Judge, things turned out and were handled just as he said.

My family and I are grateful. Thank you, Mr Paletta!!

James - Lansing, NC

I met David in October 2015, six months after I had moved to North Carolina and stopped working as a federal contractor in Washington DC. I had been fighting my multiple sclerosis for 16 years and simply could not work another day.

At the advice of a new friend, I contacted David and met with him. He carefully reviewed my case and agreed to accept me as a client.

Over the next two and a half years, he was the most compassionate and easy to work with lawyer I have ever met. He always explained precisely what I should expect, in language that I would understand. He then would always ask me what questions I had and made sure I understood exactly what was happening.

I was the most impressed at the hearing with David’s humility and graciousness towards the judge.

I am most grateful that David was my disability attorney.

Adrienne - West Jefferson, NC

After losing my initial request for Social Security Disability benefits, I decided I needed an attorney to help navigate the system better than I could.  I knew my case would be difficult given my illness of Chronic Migraines and I would require the help of an expert.

I reached out to Mr. Paletta and he promptly scheduled a time we could meet in person to discuss the details of my disability claim.  After he accepted my case, he would periodically call to gather additional information and documentation as needed.  He always kept me informed of what he was doing and the reasoning behind his requests and the realistic time frame it would take for each part of the judicial process to play out.

Mr. Paletta did not paint any pictures of unexpected results, and was sure to point out the serious nature of the details needed to provide for a positive outcome in my case.  It was a long process, but in the end he was able to consolidate over 1,200 pages of medical data into an 8 page legal summary for the Hearing Judge.

I have no doubt in my mind that I would have never been able to condense that much information into a legible case for the judge.  It took just 15 minutes in the hearing to judge my case and I am positive the summarized document and diligent work from David attributed to my favorable court decision.

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, Dorinda.

Dorinda, Boone, NC

After two rejections I contacted Mr. Paletta for his assistance which he accepted. At that point Mr. Paletta took over and arranged all parts of the case. I didn’t have to do anything from that point on. Later Mr. Paletta contacted me and reviewed the case and what I was to expect when we went to court. Mr. Paletta had written the letter of appeal which was direct and covered all areas of concern.

When we showed up for court the judge had read his letter and reviewed all of the doctors reports he had prepared. The judge was very pleased with his preparation and took approximately 15 minutes to conclude the review. The judge decided in our favor and awarded me 100 percent of our request.

Mr. Paletta’s preparation was directly to the point and answered all of the questions our judge needed to find in my favor. His professional work reflected how he protects his client. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. Mr. Paletta is without doubt the best choice anyone could make. I am more than pleased with our outcome. I would advise anyone that has been through the system and feels as if they are not heard or taken seriously to contact Mr. Paletta. Mr. Paletta will take over and lift all the worry and work from shoulders. I can’t describe how he has changed my quality of life for the best.

Thank you so much, Ronald Floyd.

Ron - Moncure, NC

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all you hard work. We would have given up years ago but thanks to your perseverance and dedication John was approved to get his disability. I would highly recommend you to anyone because you believe in your clients and work hard to see they get what they are entitled to. Thanks again! Sincerely, Becky & John Davis.

John - Boone, NC

My family and I were blessed to have come across David Paletta’s Disability Law Blog years ago. I have Multiple Sclerosis and after my 2nd attack became disabled in my late 30s at the height of my professional career. When you are so sick and not able to work anymore, it is heartbreaking, stressful and scary. But getting a denial adds to that stress.

Mr. Paletta is an incredibly compassionate, knowledgeable lawyer who takes time with you to discuss your case and understand it in detail. He is reassuring and a great communicator and listener who explains the process of the appeal and shares his experience. He worked with my doctors to obtain my records and read through each one thoroughly to ensure we had the facts lined up with the statues to appeal the case and win. This took a weight off of my shoulders and gave me a peace of mind knowing that I hired the right man for the job. His help and support has been instrumental to my family’s security for the future. Thank you Mr. Paletta!

Jennifer, Raleigh, NC

David Paletta handled my disability case with professionalism, telling me what to expect during the whole process. Without his help I would have never gotten a positive result. Thank you Mr. Paletta!

Chris, Raleigh, NC

I, Ezzard Edwards, thank David Paletta for representing me for my disability. It took a lot of hard work but David hung in there by keeping in touch with my doctors and talking with my mother and me. I was very depressed, disgusted, suicidal, blind, and sick with bad headaches, back pain and leg pain.

I just wanted to give up, but David was very encouraging to me and my mother. It took a LONG time from October 2014 until March 2017, but David fought a good fight and won the hearing. I will recommend him with a lot of trust and encouragement to others. I know what he can and will do for his clients.

Ezzard - Garner, NC

After I received the first denial from Social Security, I quickly started searching the internet to find an attorney and came across Mr. David Paletta. From the first moment of contact with Mr. Paletta, I felt that he was the right attorney for me. At the first meeting Mr. Paletta made me feel he was sincerely concerned and believed my claim for disability. Mr. Paletta demonstrated great professionalism. He went through the long years of processes with great detail and communication and took the time and patience to make sure everything was explained in detail to where I understood and left no questions unanswered. Even after all of the years of frustration we were able to work as a team, which resulted in a great victory. If you are looking for an attorney that is in your corner and will fight for you Mr. Paletta is the one.

Tiffini, Franklinton, NC

Mr. Paletta has been a pleasure to work with. He was so professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He took all the worry off my shoulders. He was prepared and took every opportunity to make sure my case was heard fairly, clearly and truthfully. I would highly recommend Mr. Paletta to anyone in need of his services.

Carolyn, Boone, NC

Attorney D. Paletta came through. He is everything he professes to be: sincere, long on experience, extraordinarily knowledgeable about the process and its participants, exhaustively diligent and thoughtfully creative in his approach. I have a rare autoimmune disease. It’s in the National Organization of Rare Diseases. Not only that, but my symptoms from this disease are unusual. Nothing about my situation was typical. I myself cannot always figure out what is going on. But I can no longer work. It is very difficult psychologically as well. Counselor Paletta took my case on the condition that I followed his instructions. It took a long time. At times, I had doubts. He always told me to just tell the truth, do everything he requested and let him worry about the rest. When I had bumps in the road, he helped me figure them out. Thanks, Mr. Paletta!!! My family is grateful to you as well.

Claire, Moncure, NC

I was represented by attorney David Paletta in my disability case. Thank you so much for having the up most high standards to hang in there. You never let me down even when things were very hard. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of excellent representation. Thanks with highest regards.

Ernest, Durham, NC

Mr. Paletta. It is with our deepest appreciation for all you have done. I couldn’t have made it thru this lengthy process without your help. Anyone that’s going thru the SSD process needs an experienced disability lawyer. I recommend you highly. The stress is sometimes unbearable but with your knowledge and experience and your caring for me as a client I was able to rely on your assistance. You have been a God send.

Judy, West Jefferson, NC

Thank you so much for all you have done.

Heather, Burlington, NC

I want to thank you so much for how you helped me. My life has been made a lot easier to live.

Tammy, Zionville, NC

My name is Delores Rose. I became disabled in April 2015. I had worked all my adult life, now I needed help. I turned to David R. Paletta. David went above and beyond. In July 2015 I received my disability benefits. I’m still amazed at David’s speedy assistance. I am “delighted”. Thank you David.

Delores, West Jefferson, NC

Due to some major medical issues, I filed for disability and was denied. A friend of mine referred me to David Paletta after having won his case. Mr. Paletta helped me make a list of priorities that not only helped me physically but also helped me win my case. Mr. Paletta works very hard and genuinely cares about his client. If you are disabled and need help, I strongly suggest you call David Paletta and get the best help available.

Bryan, Boone, NC

We appreciate everything you did for us so much. We chose the Best Lawyer for Scott for sure!

The Jones Family, Boone, NC

Mr. Paletta,

I want to say “Thank You” for helping me with my disability case. I know it was a hard case but you were knowledgeable about all of it and were well prepared. You informed me of what to expect and the time line of everything. You walked me through it and I would recommend you to anyone needing a disability attorney.

John, Todd, NC

Just to let you know, you have changed my life in such a great way by making it possible to have piece of mind during my ongoing battle with my health issues. For that, Mr. PALETTA, I’m forever greatful. God bless you.

Lisa, Hudson, NC

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 at the age of 23. It has been a struggle for me for a long time. Losing vision, walking and a lot of other problems are things that a person can never really get used to. Especially when it happens unexpectedly. I had applied for disability 2 times before and every time I was denied. Then, the next time that I applied is when I met Mr. David R. Paletta.

It took a little time, but now I am happy to say I was approved for disability. I know that if it had not been for Mr. Paletta, I would not have known what to do. He kept me calm, during the hearing, I was relaxed even though I had not been in that setting before. I just want to say Thank You Lord for placing Mr. Paletta in my life. It was life changing for me and my family. Thank You Mr. Paletta for everything.

Ashley, Raleigh, NC

Mr. Paletta,

Thank you doesn’t seem the right words to say for all you have done for me. God has put another star beside your name in his book. He has and is using you in a special way to touch and help other people. It is a blessing to me to know you.

Thank you and God Bless,

Kathy, Elk Park, NC

Dear Mr. Paletta,

I want to say thank you for being my lawyer and all that you have done for me. I appreciate your meeting me at my house in Burlington since I wasn’t able to come to your office. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone seeking disability.

Yolanda, Burlington, NC

I contracted David for my disability claim, and worked with him from 2012 through 2014. I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with David and his team’s handling of my case, and that there is absolutely nothing negative that I could say about their services. David is a very competent attorney, and exhibited nothing but professionalism, dedication, and integrity throughout working with me. I would recommend David’s services to anyone, including my family and friends.

Enes, Cary, NC

Dear Mr. Paletta,

I was a 43 year old man when I came to your office. To be honest I did not like lawyers, but you changed my mind because you explained to me about the ins and outs of disability. When I left your office I told my wife I like this man. You explained every detail and time line of every denial. You told me to be patient.

I am now 45 years old. It took 2 and ½ years to win my case. I would like to say to anyone who is trying to get disability to give Mr. Paletta a chance. I do want to thank Mr. Paletta for his time and also to thank Judge Firestone for understanding my case. Mr. Paletta is a very honest man. You be honest with him and tell the Judge the truth and you will win your case.

Tim, Warrensville, NC

I am thrilled to have won my SSI appeal after two denials and have Attorney David R. Paletta to thank. He was extremely professional and well prepared for my court hearing. I only wish I had hired him earlier. I will be recommending him to anyone I hear of that is thinking of filing for disability.

Toni, Carrboro, NC

I am writing this on behalf of David Paletta for the hard work he put in on my SSD/SSI case. There were issues in my case and there was a good possibility he would not get paid but he took my case anyways. And he goes above and beyond for his clients. I would recommend him to everyone who needs an attorney to handle their disability case. Thanks for everything you did for me.

Jim, Dunn, NC

I can not imagine having anyone else representing me in my Disability Hearing. Attorney David Paletta is professional and very knowledgeable. He always kept me updated with anything going on with my case. Mr. Paletta gave the Judge everything he expected in the Brief that was well prepared. I would recommend David Paletta to anyone wanting an Attorney that is thorough and gets the job done.

Cheryl, Hudson, NC

I would like to give my disability attorney, Mr. David Paletta, many accolades and praise for his part in a Favorable Decision on my disability case recently. I also highly recommend Mr. Paletta for anyone who has a disability claim. This attorney is very organized and thorough with his clients. He will also put his clients in the very best situation they can possibly be in to be approved. Mr. Paletta, in my opinion, is a very top rated lawyer and I would highly recommend him for anyone needing a disability attorney.

Michael, Sugar Grove, NC

I would like to thank David for being more like a friend rather than an attorney. I met with Mr. Paletta in person and from then on I was comfortable with a case I’d been fighting a long time with little progress. Mr. Paletta isn’t just a lawyer that knows your name. He is more like a friend that understood my situation. After receiving my case Mr. Paletta got to work and now I can support my family like I never could before.

Don’t mess with the TV lawyers because there is a great attorney in David R. Paletta.

Daniel, West Jefferson, NC

Mr. Paletta guided me thru a tough and complex TBI and PTSD case. His understanding of my varied medical history, mastery of the legal system and attention to all the details proved to be the right keys to our success. He clearly communicated with me through out the process, was readily available by phone or email and was able to answer all my questions. Our hearing process was intimidating to me, but we prepared to a level that left no surprises. My recommendation is you consider Mr. Paletta as your attorney.

Jim, Cary, NC

I had Mr. Paletta represent me in a disability case. He did a terrific job. Mr. Paletta did everything he said he was going to do. I am so grateful to have had him on my side. Thank you so much. I really think you saved my Life!

Willie, Durham, NC

I would like to say that I was very pleased with the job that Mr. Paletta did for me with my disability. At the time I hired Mr. Paletta I only had 2 months to go before my hearing was scheduled. A friend was trying to help me but after I was turned down twice he suggested I hire a lawyer so I checked a few and decided to hire Mr. Paletta to represent me. Like I said the hearing date was only 2 months away and he did not have much time but he said if he could go ahead and get started he would have time. I must say he did his job very well for me and I was very pleased with his performance. At the hearing he did a spectacular job for me. In 2 weeks after the hearing I got a letter telling me my disability was approved. I was very pleased at the job he did for me and I would recommend him to anybody. I know each case is different but I was very pleased with his performance in just the short time he had to get everything ready.

Johnny, Raleigh, NC

Mr. Paletta was very courteous and prompt with call backs while working on my case. He kept me informed and answered my questions all the way. The thing I admired the most about Mr. Paletta is he takes the time to devote to each individual case. I highly recommend David Paletta for all your disability needs.

Richie, Raleigh, NC

Over a period of five years I had been denied Social Security Disability benefits. I was at the point of not knowing what to do, who to turn to, or what steps to take next. Then I met Attorney David Paletta who took and won my case. Attorney Paletta is very experienced and knowledgeable in his field of work and took the time to explain as well keep me up-to-date throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Attorney David Paletta, the attorney who cares and works hard to get the job done. I want to say thank you for all your time and services that you have provided.

Maxine, Durham, NC

David Paletta was a great help for me with my Social Security disability benefits. I met with attorney Paletta after being denied my request for SSDI benefits. The process took about two years. I felt hopeless on my own trying to get my disability and then my husband and I met with David Paletta. To me, he was a very nice, helpful, patient, very knowledge attorney. He kept me updated on all information pertaining to my case. It could not have gone so smoothly without his assistance with all what was wrong with me! He fought well and he knows his stuff!! When it was time for my hearing before an Administrative Law Judge video conference, he was there at my side helping me every step of the way. You couldn’t ask for a better attorney than David Paletta! Thank you so much for taking care of this.

Wendy, Warrensville, NC

I’m writing this recommendation on behalf of anyone who needs assistance with obtaining Social Security disability benefits. I met with attorney David Paletta after being denied my request for SSDI benefits about a year and a half ago. David came to see me in person at the homeless shelter where I was residing. We talked for at least a couple of hours and David stated he would accept my case. He was very thorough in his questioning in regard to my case. He also counseled me to be patient and to keep him updated on all information pertaining to my case. When it was time for my hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, he was there at my side helping me every step of the way. To me, he was an extraordinary gentleman and attorney. You couldn’t ask for a better attorney than David Paletta. Thank you, David!

David, Boone, NC

David Paletta was recommended to me by a client that had received their disability with the help of Mr. Paletta. After first being denied on my own, I have now been approved on my appeal thanks to his hard work and knowledge of the disability system. I would highly recommend Mr. Paletta’s services to anyone filing for a disability claim. Thank you again Mr. Paletta for all your help.

Don, West Jefferson, NC

I’m writing this letter to give Mr. Paletta the praise that he truly deserves. I have been trying for years to get my disability. I haven’t been able to work in many years. Mr. Paletta took my case and gave it time and took the time to help me in this process. I am entirely grateful for his services. If you are looking for a disability lawyer to help you in your disability claim Mr. Paletta is the man to call.

Willie Ann, Durham, NC

We felt hopeless on our own trying to get Dean’s disability and then we met with David Paletta. He was honest and helped us through the entire process. We feel that without David’s help I would have never been able to do this on my own. He is a true and caring professional. We are grateful and would highly recommend his services. Thank you Mr. Paletta for everything.

Dean and April, Blowing Rock, NC

Mr. David Paletta: In the year 2010 I was recommended to you by another client to represent my granddaughter for disability benefits. I am very honored and pleased with the way you handled her case. I felt like I could talk to you not only as an attorney but as someone who cared and was willing to help me no matter what. You succeeded in winning the case and just by our visits I always had faith you would win. I certainly appreciate you for your hard work and I recommend you to be at the top of the list for someone who needs an attorney to represent them for their disability. Thank you again.

Ann, West Jefferson, NC

David Paletta was my attorney. I had almost given up hope of ever getting the help I really needed. I found his ad in the Yellow Pages and called him. He really went out of his way to get me the disability I was trying to get and couldn’t get on my own. I would never have gotten my Social Security disability without David Paletta.

Joyce, Creston, NC

After several attempts had failed, I sought the help of Mr. David Paletta to represent me. His vast knowledge of the disability system’s requirements necessary for a successful hearing and his personal attention to every detail concerning my case resulted in a favorable determination. If it were not for his dedication and commitment, I truly feel that I would not have won the case. I am indebted to Mr. Paletta for his help and without hesitation I strongly recommend his services. Thank you, Mr. Paletta, for all that you have done for my family.

Becky, Raleigh, NC

Social Security turned down my first two applications for Disability. After Mr. Paletta agreed to serve as my appeal attorney, my case was approved. He has long experience in this area. He knows what to do and how to do it. He is thorough and efficient. I confidently recommend him to anyone who has a reasonable claim for Social Security Disability.

Dottie, Boone, NC

I am confident that my disability claim could not have gone so smoothly without the assistance of Mr. Paletta. I met with him, gave him all my information, provided the names of my doctors and he did the rest. All the leg work and all the paper work was handled by him so all I had to do was wait for the court date. Best of all it didn’t cost me anything until my case was won. Now I can help provide for my family because Mr. Paletta done a fantastic job and got me the disability settlement I needed and had worked and paid for many years.

Curtis, West Jefferson, NC

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